The Martian Experience
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The Life on Mars Martian Wonders Martian Sunset
Volume 1
of "The Martian Experience"

Stunningly visual big screen orchestral music
“The Life on Mars” will unleash your imagination
as it takes
you on a musical journey
to the red planet

A movie soundtrack for the theatre of your mind

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Volume 2
of "The Martian Experience"

Bob Baran's Fantasy-Ambient instrumental music features
beautiful musical colors, orchestral textures
and piano highlights that create
a relaxing escape
to a faraway place

The “seven wonders of the world” Martian style

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Volume 3
of "The Martian Experience"

Taste the space-pop,
chill flavor of
“Cydonia Beach Party”
and inhale the rarified atmosphere at the top of
“The Pyramid of Zappa”
as you explore all the musical delights of Martian Sunset.

"Martian Sunset"
by Bob Baran
coming soon

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